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If you have any Challenger related items you would like to sell and don't already have a web site to advertise, this is the place for you!
Just e-mail the .

For instructions and "Conditions Of Sale", see bottom of this web page.

Challenger Related
Items For Sale, Private Party!

Challenger II Additional Parts
For Sale By: Bill Chepolis


Bill Volcko's Hydraulic Nose Gear Strut

Private Party Challengers
The following link is the perfect example of "How To Sell Your Plane".
The Challenger was listed here on 07/25/2006 and SOLD! on 08/09/2006

By: Art Freeman, Sedalia, MO

This was "ONLY" 16 days from date it was first listed for sale.

Conditions Of Sale

The following conditions of sale have had to be set in order to keep this ongoing sales list fairly easy to maintain. To provide a dealer listing geared more toward specialty items and provide a good place for the individual to be able to list and sell Challenger related items he/she have they don't need and wish to sell.
  1. Dealer sales for "New Challenger Kits" are "Not Allowed"
  2. You "MAY" sell your "privately owned" Challenger (Kit or Finished).
  3. All items must be Challenger related.
  4. Limit of 10 items per sales page.
  5. Only one (1) web page per person or dealer.
  6. All web pages will look the same.
  7. Send in "GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS" of item(s).
  8. Fully describe each item.
  9. Include your item sales price.
  10. Provide a way for someone to contact you.
    Phone Number, Email Address or whatever.
  11. Include your full name.
  12. Include any special instructions or conditions of sale.
  13. Inform us when you have sold your item(s).
    • It is important you notify us when you have an item sold so we can mark it as such. This way you do not keep getting e-mail about the item and we don't get complaints. When an item has been sold, I will place the word, "SOLD" in big red letters next to the item. If you have sold all your items, we need to pull your sales page from the site.
Send in your request to Challenger BTT .

The Challenger BTT web site is "NOT" responsible for any item(s) sold through these advertisements as we are "ONLY" providing a means for "YOU" to sell your items.