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The following search engine is "NOT FOOLPROOF", please read helpful search hints below.


Search Hints:

When entering a word or words in the search engine above, take in consideration how common that word may be. As an example, if you enter the word "ALUMINUM", can you imagine just how many associated web pages this word will be found? Probably on about 95% of all our web pages, which total about 165 web pages as of August 2005.

Therefore, be specific and look for words which you know will not be quite as common and more to what you are looking for, like "STROBE", "BRAKES", "PITOT", "ELT", "EIS" or "RIBS". Quotation marks not needed.

If you are looking for a specific phrase, be sure to place the phrase inside quotation marks, like - "Aluminum Landing Gear". This will result in locating just those web pages which have these three words "IN THAT ORDER". If you do not use quotation marks at both ends of this phrase, the search engine will locate each and every entry of "ALL THREE WORDS INDIVIDUALLY". This will result in a "HUGE" amount of search results.

Remember, this is not a foolproof search engine which may not locate what you are looking for, but which may still be found on our web site. The search engine is only meant for assistance in helping to locate and speed up your search time for an article on a specific subject or item.

Good Luck!